Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Owners Dwight Morgan and his brother, Danny are bringing the islands and all the savory flavors of the Caribbean to Atlanta with their authentic Jamaican cuisine. Having been born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica they felt a need to have folks experience their rich island culture and present it in a tasty, flavorful manner that keeps you coming back for more! 

Chef Dwight has been in the culinary industry for over 35 years and is a master at perfecting the savory flavors he grew up with. Additionally, he brings his years of experience of working on a cruise ship; as well as, being a director of dining and culinary arts for an Atlanta-based company. Together, these brothers will tempt your taste buds with all the Jamaican flavors you are accustomed to experiencing in the islands. Let them bring the islands to you!!!!

Our Location

Wayfield Shopping Center

3024 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW 
Suite F
Atlanta, GA 30311

(404) 477-8835

Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: Closed